X-COM Trilogy UFOpedia

About the Trilogy UFOpedia

Thanks for checking out the trilogy UFOpedia, I've tried to make each UFOpedia as faithful to the original game content as possible but also considered usability. If you have any problems or feedback for me to look at please post it as a comment on this page and I'll see what I can do. Thanks to xcomufo.com for most of the Apocalypse images and some UFO images I was missing.

Using your keys to navigate

All UFOpedia allow you to use your arrow keys to navigate through them if you wish, "left" and "right" allow you to move to the previous and next entry respectively. Using the "up" key will take you up one level to the category views. Keys are disabled on the index and category pages.

Known Issues

"Alien Reproduction" & "Alien Supply" do not show in the UFO Defense category pages, they still show in the index, search and when browsing prev/next.
"Null" items in the Apocapedia, if you have any filler info on these or any better screenshots please let me know. *Have found the descriptions thanks to StrategyCore.

The future

I have a few ideas and a few upgrades I'm still working on. Firstly I am still considering some kind of zoom function so that UFOpedia images can be viewed at different sizes. I am also in the process of transcribing the description text from the UFOpedia entries so I can add an advanced search function and other SEO stuff. I will also at some point update the Apocapedia with the info pages for easier navigation, not sure when I will get around to this though.

Version History

1.90 [09/04/2024] (Current)
Fixed issues with MOD_REWRITE rules not correctly parsing spaces.
Fixed some HEADER mismatch errors.
Fixed some HTML validation errors.

1.85 [02/11/2012]
New Favicon.
Updated the index page to look a little nicer.

1.84 [05/02/11]
Fixed Hyrdo-Jet page spelling error.
Fixed HTML Validation issue.

1.83 [21/09/10]
Added description text META for UFO Defense.
Added a new Advanced Search, only UFO Defense at the moment.

1.82 [19/09/10]
More style updates.
Fixed some script positioning issues.
A few structural changes.

1.81 [14/09/10]
Fixed Internet Explorer search bug.
Re-coded index page.
Fully validated index page HTML 4 Strict.
Removed pop-out navigation to unconfuse links in and because of browser compatibitity issues.

1.80 [03/09/10]
Added background style.
Changed search form style.

1.75 [01/08/10]
Fixed Gauss Cannon page spelling error.

1.74 [27/04/10]
Fixed search form cookie problem once and for all... I hope.

Added pop-up link so you can view the UFOpedia in a smaller browser window.

Compiled all UFOpedia sites into EXE files so you can keep them forever, links are on bottom right of each page.
Prepared a simplified version of the site for use as a pop-up, mobile site and for translation to EXE.

Optimized page load times using Firebug Page Speed.
Added autocomplete in index search box.
Added better tooltip to index and search pages for better readability.
Added description text in image alt tag in the UFO Defense section, now ready for advanced search.
Added img_src meta info for better search engine/social networking integration.

Changed to a dedicated domain.
Added ability to search all UFOpedia at once.
Added the main page (http://ufopedia.csignal.org/).
Added favicons for all UFOpedias.
Added key navigation info on this page.
Fixed search cookie conflict.

Changed page layout.
Tweaked PHP includes for easier future editing.
Made all code Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
Made all code W3C certified CSS.
Tweaked menu images (inconsistent background image).
Optimized PNG files (all image files now 10-20% smaller & faster).

Changed URL structure from /ufo.php?u=000 to /Skyranger.html
Added tooltips to category pages.
Added tooltips on main pages (oops!).

Added search function.

Added Apocalypse pages.
Added page titles.
Added tooltips.

Added thumbnail "view all" page.
Enabled sitemap xml/html.

Added category pages in UFO and TFTD.

Added image caching (browsing items is much smoother).
Added TFTD pages.

Added keyboard support (browse with your arrow keys).
New page style.

All UFO pages uploaded.

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