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Organizations X-Com Government Megapol Cult of Sirius Marsec Superdynamics General Metro Cyberweb Transtellar Solmine Sensovision Lifetree Nutrivend Evonet Sanctuary Clinic Nanotech Energen Synthemesh Gravball League Psyke Diablo Osiron Sentient Engine Liberation Front Mutant Alliance Extropians Extropians Technocrats

Vehicles Police Hovercar Airtaxi Rescue Transport Construction Vehicle Airtrans Space Liner Phoenix Hovercar Hoverbike Valkyrie Interceptor Hawk Air Warrior Dimension Probe Biotrans Explorer Retaliator Annihilator Autotaxi Autotrans Police Car Civilian Car Stormdog Wolfhound APC Blazer Turbo Bike Griffon AFV

Vehicle Equipment Bolter 4000 Laser Gun Lancer 7000 Laser Gun Rendor Plasma Gun Lineage Plasma Cannon Plasma Multi-system Light Disruptor Beam Medium Disruptor Beam Heavy Disruptor Beam 40mm Auto Cannon Janitor Missile Array Justice Missile Launcher Prophet Missile Array Retribution Missile Launcher Disruptor Bomb Launcher Stasis Bomb Launcher Disruptor Multi-bomb Launcher Laser Defense Array Plasma Defense Array SD Standard SD Deluxe SD Sports SD Turbo SD Elite SD Special 40mm Auto Cannon Turret Airguard Anti-air Cannon GLM Array Plasma Turret Cannon GLM Air Defense Rumble Cannon Metro Roadhog Metro Roadgrav Metro Turbograv Metro Powergrav Metro Multipower Plus Light Weapons Control Medium Weapons Control Heavy Weapons Control Advanced Control System Cargo Module Passenger Module Bio-Transport Module Missile Evasion Matrix Small Disruption Shield Large Disruption Shield Cloaking Field Teleporter Dimension Shifter

Equipment Megapol AP Grenade Megapol Stun Grenade Megapol Smoke Grenade Marsec Proximity Mine Marsec High Explosive Megapol Lawpistol Megapol Lawpistol Clip Marsec M4000 Machine Gun Marsec M4000 Gun Clip Megapol Laser Sniper Gun Megapol Laser Pod Megapol Auto Cannon Auto Cannon AP Clip Auto Cannon HE Clip Auto Cannon IN Clip Megapol Plasma Gun Megapol Plasma Pod Marsec Heavy Launcher Heavy Launcher AG Missile Heavy Launcher HE Missile Heavy Launcher in Missile Marsec Minilauncher Minilauncher AG Missile Minilauncher HE Missile Minilauncher IN Missile Megapol Sun Grapple Alien Gas Grenade Tracker Gun Clip Tracker Gun Milti-Tracker PSI-Grenade Forceweb Toxigun Toxigun A-Clip Toxigun B-Clip Toxigun C-Clip Dimension Destabilizer Mind Shield Mind Bender Null Dusruptor Gun Devastator Cannon Boomeroid Power Sword Brainsucker Launcher Entropy Launcher Dimension Missile Launcher Dimension Missile Vortex Mine Personal Disruptor Shield Personal Teleporter Personal Cloaking Field Null2 Null3 Medi-Kit Motion Scanner Null4 Entropy Pod Incendiary Grenade Megapol Armor Marsec Armor X-COM Disruptor Armor Psiclone Elerium

Base Facilities Access Lift Living Quarters Stores Cells Medical Bay Training Area Psi-Gym Security Station Advanced Security Station Vehicle Repair Bay Biochemistry Lab Advanced Biochemistry Lab Quantum Physics Lab Advanced Quantum Physics Lab Alien Containment Advanced Alien Containment Workshop Advanced Workshop

Alien Craft Alien Probe Alien Scout Ship Alien Transporter Alien Fast Attack Ship Alien Destroyer Alien Assault Ship Alien Bomber Alien Escort Ship Alien Battleship Alien Mothership Alien Craft Propulsion Alien Craft Control Systems Alien Craft Energy Source

Aliens Brainsucker Pod Brainsucker Brainsucker Autopsy Multiworm Egg Multiworm Egg Autopsy Multiworm Multiworm Autopsy Hyperworms Hyperworm Autopsy Chrysalis Chrysalis Autopsy Anthropod Anthropod Autopsy Psimorph Psimorph Autopsy Spitter Spitter Autopsy Megaspawn Megaspawn Autopsy Popper Popper Autopsy Skeletoid Skeletoid AUtopsy Micronoid Aggregate Micronoid Aggregate Autopsy Queenspawn Queenspawn Autopsy Overspawn Overspawn Autopsy The Alien Genetic Structure The Alien Life Cycle The Real Alien Threat

The Alien Dimension Incubator Spawning Chamber Food Chamber Megapod Chamber Sleeping Chamber Organic Factory Alien Farm Control Chamber Maintenance Factory Dimension Gate Generator Dimension Gates The Alien dimension One Way To Win

Buildings Senate Police Station Hospital School Rescue Station Offices Corporate HQ Space Port Sensodrome Astrodome Procreation Park Shopping Mall Apartments Luxury Apartments Hydro-Farm Sewage Works Water Purifier Appliances Factory Arms Factory Robot Factory Car Factory Flyer Factory Large Flyer Factory Construction Factory Slums Wareouse Power Station Recyclotorium People Tubes Temple Of Sirius
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